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Welcome to Pathios

In this world there are rules to follow, guidelines that, when crossed, have very undesirable outcomes.

Pathios is divided into three realms,

  • Egaroes, home to the forests of the Wood Elves, led by Ariskosthes, a highly respected and decorated warrior, who rules his realm justly and with tolerance to all good-hearted peoples. Those who commit crimes of thievery, murder, or other heinous acts, however, are strictly forbidden from his realm. The gate-keepers, known as Soulwatchers, stand at each of the realm’s gates and have been rumored to be able to see into the character of a person, and their justice is quick and brutal to all nay-do-wells.
  • Killion is home to the vast, underground, dwarven kingdoms. Their mountain fortresses closed their doors to all after the Great War, fought between the forces of Drakolith, patron goddess to all under the surface and those of Solaris, High Elven king of those who bask in the sun’s light. During the war, Drakolith was cast out of the world, but at the cost of the High Elven Empire. The last known Dwarven king was Killios, who led the assault on the High Elf kingdom, and though he succeeded in reducing its Eastern Gate to rubble, he disappeared in the fight, some say he was killed by a High Elven archer during the dispute, some say shot down by one of his own men loyal to the Solarian Crown.
  • Kailorith Vaskis, which lies between the two realms of Egaroes and Killion, was home to the High Elves, but has been unclaimed since the Great War. It translates in High Elven to “Lost Home” and no one has entered its boundaries and come back sane. It has been rumored to contain the remains of Drakolith’s armies, lost without their leader, roaming endlessly, waiting for someone strong enough to control them, or purge them from Pathios…

Be warned, as you start your adventure, that there are greater powers at work in the realms of Pathios. Powers long dormant are awakening and the things you say and do are being monitored. Like it or not, you are part of something much greater than you could imagine…

This is the world you live in, the world your story has been told and shall be continued, how that story ends is up to you…

Home Page

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